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This page lists the coach and players of Team Revolution as well as many of the other unicycle basketball players who regularly practice with us.
Coach Mo –>
Coach Mo has unique experiences coaching basketball — from using it as a vehicle for conflict resolution with Turks and Greeks in Cyprus and Israelis and Palestinians in the Middle East, to being Senior Trainer at Northern California’s largest basketball school, TripleThreat Academy.  And who better to work with unicyclists than someone who has played wheelchair basketball! Since he started coaching the team, he’s learned to unicycle and is now playing in our weekly games.
<– Adam Politzer Photo by Chris Duffey Adam is a power forward whose sure shot is an offensive weapon for the Revolution. He started playing unicycle basketball in 2006 and soon became addicted. Adam is a PhD candidate at Cal Berkeley in biophysics.
Lance Thornton –>  Photo by Sven Pohle
Lance Thornton is an all-rounder — a wily defensive player who also can take it to the hoop, often launching off of his unicycle in hopes that he will eventually be able to dunk it!
Lance is an expert in video animation, juggling, and a host of other things, and he is also a new dad.
<– Tom Holub  Photo by Chris Duffey Tom Holub’s first love is “MUni” riding (mountain unicycling), which is ironic since he is one of the best unicycle basketball players on the team. Tom’s secret is he actually practices his shooting, layups, and around the back dribbling! Tom works at Cal and is a true blue Cal fan–in fact, he refuses to pass the ball to any teammate wearing a red shirt.
Jim Sowers –>  Photo by Chris Duffey
Jim is a basketball fanatic turned unicyclist. He loves beating his opponents with crisp passing and tenacious defense. When Jim isn’t playing unicycle basketball, he is riding up the steepest hills he can find, or working as a lawyer, DJ, and occasional dance instructor.
<– Marc Hertlein  Photo by Jason Wu
Marc Hertlein is the old-timer of Berkeley unicycle basketball. He actually got the game started around 2000 at Strawberry Creek Park where pick-up games have been played every Tuesday night ever since. Marc is a physicist working at the Lawrence Berkeley Lab.  
Albert Kong –> 
Albert is pure energy. Aside from unicycling, he practices parkour, the art of jumping, vaulting, and climbing through the city environment. Thus, Albert often has spectacular wipe-outs which finish with acrobatic recoveries. We call it ParkUni :-)  Albert is a undergraduate student at Cal Berkeley.

<– Beau Hoover  Photo by Nathan Hoover
Beau Hoover has been riding a unicycle longer than he hasn’t–starting at age 6 (Beau is now 17). While relatively new to unibball, Beau is the best overall unicyclist on the team and has won many events in MUni (mountain unicycling) and long distance competitions.
Beau is a high school senior this year (but attends classes at a junior college).
Frank Olivier –>  Photo by The Brain Toad
Frank is a …. goofball! Well, Frank is funny. Just go to Aside from being funny, Frank is tall, and almost impossible to knock off of his unicycle–which makes him the ultimate big man in unibball!
<– Jeremy “the Juggler” Shafer  Photo by Luca Prasso | Nadia Andreini Jeremy Shafer is one of the fastest people you will see on a unicycle. His short bursts of speed make for menacing defense which frustrates opponents. Jeremy will not be able to attend the UniBball championships this year, but having him practice with the team has been invaluable. Jeremy performs professionally as a juggler, entertainer, and also specializes in origami.
Dan Driver –>  Photo by Luca Prasso | Nadia Andreini
Dan Driver is one of the newer players on the scene, but his skills progressed quickly and he is now a force to be reckoned with. (If only he didn’t have that lab on Tues. night! We miss you Dan)
Dan is an undergraduate student at Cal Berkeley.
<– Ashley Foster Photo by Chris Duffey Ashley Foster is one of the few women who plays unicycle basketball and has been a consistent and long-time participant in the Tues. night games. She takes part in other extreme unicycling, including MUni and long distance racing. Ashley also performs and teaches aerial dance.  
Rachel Kalmar –>   Photo by Scott M. Howard
Rachel Kalmar plays a little unibball and acts as our unofficial cheerleader :-)  Rachel is a PhD student in neuroscience at Stanford, which means she’s really smart, and that Tom won’t pass her the ball.
<–Michael Scalisi  Mike Scalisi loves unicycling more than basketball, but he has come into his own as a unibball player. Unfortunately, his new gig as a columnist for ComputerWorld has kept him away from the court for a while
Kevin Chang –>  Photo by Nathan Hoover
Kevin Chang is a solid unibball player, but alas, he lives near Santa Cruz, so we don’t get to see him on the court very often. Kevin is also an accomplished MUni and distance unicycle rider.

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